Armacell optimizes distribution center processes Armacell optimizes distribution center processes

The Key to Armacell's Successful Supply Chain: Distribution Centers

Distribution centers play a key role in an organization’s supply chain, particularly with helping fulfill customer orders more quickly and accurately while keeping associated costs down. Distribution centers navigate supply and delivery challenges, and they are frequently optimizing their complex logistics processes. Whether that is through continuous improvement, sustainability, increased flexibility, or location expansion. Distribution centers also rely on particularly placed locations to accelerate order delivery, meet tight shipping requirements, and manage freight costs.

Our U.S. distribution centers are strategically located across the country to reach the most customers as quickly as possible through reliable transportation. Having locations on each side of the country eliminates long lead times and shipping windows. Our in-house supply chain management experts consider material distribution aspects like infrastructure, proximity, and access to transportation hubs when designing supply channels to ensure that our distribution teams are able to ship customer orders efficiently and on time. The proximity of our distribution centers and our expansive global network means that we can offer flexible services to meet a variety of customer-specific needs. Our current network in the U.S. has seven distribution centers.

Armacell U.S. Distribution Center Network

  • Mebane, NC (U.S. Center of Excellence)
  • Yukon, OK
  • Dallas, GA
  • Grand Prairie, TX
  • Carson, CA
  • Renton, WA
  • Thornton, IL

“We care about our customers and fully understand the imperative need they have to get all our products on time in full,” says Ciro Ahumada, Armacell Vice President, Americas. “Supply chain optimization has always been a priority for us given our global footprint and the need to drive sustainability.” Armacell’s commitment to an effective and efficient supply chain will continue now and in the future.