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Insulating heat pumps for long-lasting efficiency and durability

Combining flexibility with resilience

Heat pumps operate across wide temperature ranges, often exposed to moisture and limiting space constraints. These conditions can severely impact the long-term durability of the entire heating system, demanding efficient and durable insulation. To help specifiers protect equipment against a demanding surrounding environment, we offer specialised solutions that provide a reliable shield against external moisture and temperature shifts while improving acoustic performance and delivering the flexibility needed to fit your installation into complex dimensions.

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Destination - Heat Pump

Moisture-proof your heat pump setup

Heat pump units are often installed in close proximity to the ground and walls. In this environment, moisture from external sources can impact the system's efficiency and lifespan. At the same time, they must operate effectively in a wide range of temperatures, from sub-freezing conditions to scorching heat. At Armacell, we understand that the correct installation technique combined with high-quality insulation materials can significantly reduce maintenance costs. That’s why, with our AustroPEX WP solution, we provide highly flexible pre-insulated pipes that are equipped with a robust corrugated outer casing, shielding the insulation from external moisture. This design ensures that the heat pump components remain dry and free from corrosion, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Destination - Heat Pump

Overcome spatial constrains with maximum flexibility

Found in tight spaces, heat pumps often demand insulation that is thin enough to fit but thick enough to be effective. Further, the exposed outdoor units can be subjected to wear and tear, making durability a crucial factor for long-lasting performance. At Armacell, we believe that durable, space-efficient insulation is crucial to reducing heat pump installation costs, and the related need for maintenance and replacements. Our AustroPEX WP solutions address these challenges effectively. Their thin yet highly efficient insulation layers ensure that they can be installed in tight spaces without compromising performance. Offering complete connection sets with four-line systems, specifiers can cover both the electric cables and hot water pipes in one integrated system. This simplifies the installation process and ensures a comprehensive solution that meets the complex needs of heat pump installations.

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Ensure better acoustic performance

Air source heat pumps can produce significant noise levels, typically caused by the compressor and the fan as well as the expansion valve or electrical transformers associated with the system. Our acoustic ArmaComfort and ArmaSound solutions are specially designed to help reduce noise in heat pumps and enclosures. With low thicknesses, they provide excellent acoustic results: ArmaSound contributes to high sound absorption performance, while ArmaComfort enhances both absorption and transmission loss as an enclosure. It can further contribute to insertion loss for compressor airborne sound. This lead-free, fibre-free and phosphate-free material is easy and flexible to cut and install. Our additional acoustic support helps specifiers understand and quantify noise sources, ensuring they find the right solution for their unique acoustic problem.