Responding to global megatrends

Whether it is health and safety, road safety or safety from extreme weather or political strife, the desire for a safe existence is a basic human instinct. With our planet increasingly impacted by resource shortages, conservation has become a global priority. Moreover, noise and vibration levels affect the comfort levels of city dwellers worldwide. These global trends are significant for Armacell and our product portfolio offers solutions to conserve resources, mitigate the fire and smoke risk, and enhance acoustic comfort and vibration control.

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Energy efficiency

With the demand for energy expected to rise by a third by 2035, effective insulation is a key factor in addressing climate change. It is one of the simplest, fastest and most cost-effective means of improving energy efficiency.

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80 million people move from rural to urban areas each year leading to higher energy distribution requirements. Stricter energy efficiency regulations and green building codes boost the demand for high-performance insulation.

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The lightweighting trend is driven by the desire for enhanced energy efficiency, e.g. reducing the weight of man-made machines to save energy.

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Acoustic comfort & vibration control

The more urbanised societies become, the more people suffer from excessive noise and vibration – a stress our acoustic solutions alleviate.


Renewable energies 

The green revolution is driven by the deployment of wind, solar and biomass.



Environmental protection and climate change mitigation are opening up opportunities for Armacell to increase its market shares in sustainability-oriented applications.

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