Innovation is our accelerator

What is innovation at Armacell all about?


Everybody at Armacell is involved in innovation.

How do we define innovation?

Innovation is the process of translating an idea or invention into a good or a service creating added value. Whether it is a market or technology-driven idea, to be successful, it has to address customers’ requirements. At the same time, innovation is more than R&D. Ideas come from everybody within or outside of Armacell. We are revolutionising our approach to innovation by engaging our employees to deliver creative and market-leading ideas and turning these ideas into solutions we develop, manufacture and commercialise. Everyone at Armacell is involved in innovation.

What is the mission of innovation at Armacell?

Our mission is derived from Armacell’s corporate vision of being a global leader in innovative technical insulation solutions and components to conserve energy and make a difference around the world. In practical terms, innovation is a differentiator. Innovation delivers new technologies with superior and reliable premium products as the outcome. And it makes Armacell a benefit leader for best-in-class equipment insulation solutions.

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What is our innovation focus?

Our innovation focus is aligned with Armacell’s goal of long-term, sustainable growth. We are contributing to this goal by increasing our innovative capabilities through creating an innovation-focused team, engaging peers, and internal brainstorming sessions and innovation workshops to encourage a mindset change. To foster a culture of curiosity and creativity we are specifically rewarding innovation from within our multi-materials company. To define our future focus, we are identifying white spaces based on market opportunities.

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What benefits is innovation at Armacell delivering?

One tangible outcome is the recent launch of new products, such as ArmaGel® HT and ArmaShape globally, ArmaFlex® LS BL-s2,dO in the EU and ArmaFlex Shield in the USA. Innovation is forward-looking. We are building an innovation roadmap driven by market-pull, sustainability and technology-driven factors focusing on new materials, product performance enhancement and aerogel based insulation technology. This is how innovation will continue to play its vital accelerator role at Armacell.

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