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Innovative companies such as Armacell develop a diverse and relevant product portfolio for its customers. As a multi-material and multi-product company, we operate two main businesses: Advanced Insulation and Engineered Foams. Our innovative and diverse product range creates sustainable value for our customers, while providing solutions addressing global megatrends.

Smoke reduction

As smoke is a significant risk in a building fire, smoke density requirements for equipment insulation products are becoming stricter. Armacell’s low-smoke pipe insulation products ArmaFlex® LS and ArmaFlex Ultima® are certified to these new standards. By reducing smoke development, they improve visibility and respiration, thus extending the time available to evacuate safer in the event of fire.

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BY ARMAFLEX LS TUBES 50 % less smoke released

Resources conservation

With energy consumption significantly driving global warming, energy is a resource to conserve. Armacell contributes to saving energy by contributing to reducing fuel consumption in transport (e.g. in the global food cold chain), improve cooling systems, increasing energy efficiency, lowering the total lifecycle costs of buildings, reducing manufacturing costs and enabling lightweighting.

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POPULATION URBANISED BY 2040 67 % of global population

Acoustic comfort

Health concerns, disturbance and discomfort are effects of urban noise and vibration. Armacell products help to attenuate these stress factors in road, rail and building applications. Acoustic solutions are a key pillar of Armacell’s product portfolio and the company is committed to meeting the growing global demand for acoustic comfort through acquisitions, R&D and innovations.

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