Destination markets

Equipment insulation in diverse end markets is our contribution to mastering the challenge of global climate change. Insulation is the most effective technology for enabling and enhancing energy efficiency of technical equipment when producing, transporting and storing energy in a non-electrical way.

Discover the case studies below and learn about iconic projects in our end markets that showcase how Armacell equipment insulation solutions make a difference around the world every day.

Commercial equipment

Insulation products for HVAC ducts and systems hot and cold water, heating, plumbing and refrigeration systems as well as acoustic and vibration solutions.


Products for use in wind turbine equipment, the energy industry and applications related to the production or transformation of energy.


Applications in industrial equipment manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and power generation as well as packaging and logistics industries and electrical enclosure systems.

Residential equipment

Insulation products primarily applied to heating and plumbing equipment as well as small HVAC ducts and systems, hot and cold water systems, acoustic and vibration solutions.

Sports & Leisure

Used in parts or components requiring impact cushioning, flotation properties or lightweighting, such as wrestling mats, helmet paddings, sport turf and floor underlayments.


Insulation products used for duct systems in ships and trains; lightweight insulating materials with thermal and acoustic properties used in composite panels in trains, trucks and trailers.
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