AF/ArmaFlex Evo endless tube ArmaFlex Evo is the original flexible, elastomeric foam insulation.

AF/ArmaFlex Evo. Euroclass B(L)-s2,d0 for a higher fire safety

When discussing the fire safety of commercial and high-rise residential buildings in the UK, there has been confusion on the fire classification systems of construction products. We can straighten this out for you. Class 0 has ended. We use the mandatory European system on fire classification that requires other, stronger specifications. 

Discover the new generation in elastomeric insulation. AF/ArmaFlex Evo. It’s an investment that pays off. Based on the patented ArmaPrene™ technology, our latest product generation gives you the highest insulation reliability and contributes to the overall safety in buildings. It extends evacuation time and enhances visibility in a building fire as it releases 50 percent less smoke. An investment that pays off.

AF/ArmaFlex Evo


For many years Class 0 has been the required fire performance for thermal insulation on pipework for the construction industry. The classification comes from the UK national standard BS 476 series of fire tests. 

However, with the introduction of CE Marking for construction products and the requirement to break barriers to trade across Europe there is a need to test products to a harmonised fire standard used throughout Europe. In the past to sell a product across all European markets, products would need to be tested to each national fire test, such as to BS 476 in the UK, to DIN standards in Germany, to NF standards in France and so on. This created barriers to trade and complexity.

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Euroclass fire classification to EN 13501-1

The introduction of the Euroclass fire classification to EN 13501-1 now means a product sold in each nation has been tested to the same standard. The classification system give a rating from Euroclass A1 & A2, and then B to E. For a while the UK Building Regulations accepted both the UK national class and new Euroclass fire performance, with a Class 0 seen as being equivalent to a Euroclass B. The latest updates to Building Regulations have seen the removal of the national classes and the full adoption of the Euroclasses. This is starting to be seen in consultant specifications with requests for Euroclass B being referenced rather than the Class 0.

AF/ArmaFlex Evo

AF/ArmaFlex Evo

Armacell have been testing to both the UK national and Euroclass tests since the introduction of the new European standards. Our AF/ArmaFlex Evo meets both the old Class 0 fire performance as well as a Euroclass B performance to European EN 13501-1 classification. As part of the CE Marking requirements our Euroclass fire performance is printed on carton labels and we also include it as part of the print on our insulation. The new AF/ArmaFlex Evo, replacing the previous AF/ArmaFlex Class O, has improved fire performance with a BL-s2,d0 Euroclass fire performance, with 50 percent less smoke development in the event of fire. 

So, you can be safe in the knowledge that our insulation is still compliant with the updates to Building Regulations and meets fire safety requirements.