Our sustainability vision is to be the leader in providing innovative technical insulation solutions to preserve resources and enhance global energy efficiency. This is our contribution to the much-needed transition to a low-carbon economy. As a company, we support the 1.5° Climate Goal and are committed to the EU Green Deal. Since 2006, our strategies and operations have been aligned to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact (UNGC).

Making a difference

Making a difference around the world

Effective insulation is the number one energy-saving opportunity to reduce GHG emissions. Armacell has an extensive portfolio of equipment insulation solutions to enhance the energy efficiency of buildings. They include products for the healthcare sector that contribute to reducing background noise and enhancing indoor air quality in hospitals. By saving weight in the manufacturing of trains, planes and cars, we help to reduce fuel consumption. Thanks to our acoustic insulation products, travel is also less noisy. Armacell’s best-in-class equipment insulation saves energy, lowers operating costs and contributes towards a safer and more comfortable hospitality sector. Furthermore, our ArmaPET® products made from recycled plastic bottles are used in sandwich constructions for the rotor blades of wind turbines.

Armacell technical insulation, which encompasses a broad range of innovative and safe thermal, acoustic and mechanical solutions, is key to a wide range of applications that improve the quality of life and make it more sustainable for people everywhere.


Embarking on a sustainability journey

As a global company with a strong local focus, we take our responsibility as a corporate citizen very seriously. Our sustainability strategy sees four areas of commitment that are embedded in our business and everyday work: We invest in our people, protect our planet, enable governance, and focus on the sustainable growth of our business. At Armacell, we have embarked on an ambitious sustainability journey that relies on the continuous support and collaboration of our customers, partners, and every other stakeholder involved in the way we do business. We are determined to continue to make a difference around the world and will be pursuing our sustainability aspirations with unabated vigour in years to come.