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Biogas & Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Harnessing the full power of biogas and CHP with pre-insulated pipe solutions

Supporting biogas and CHP district heating networks

The demand for biogas and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems has increased rapidly in the realm of energy generation over the past few years. Biogas is a renewable source that comes from organic materials, while CHP is a technology that generates both electricity and heat simultaneously. These two solutions offer promising ways to meet the urgent need for cleaner energy sources. But they also come with the challenge of balancing strict thermal, environmental, and regulatory considerations, while maintaining cost-effective and efficient installation. To support specifiers in ensuring that systems run as energy- and cost-efficient as possible, we offer highly flexible district heating pipe systems matched with valuable system expertise to ensure the correct installation for your project needs.

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Master the intricacies of heating networks

The choice of the right insulation materials significantly raises the efficiency of biogas and CHP systems, leading to higher power generation and heat recovery. Parameters, like as thermal performance, temperature control and pressure resistance, play a crucial role in this selection process. To meet these key parameters, we developed a solution that combines a selection of high-quality raw materials. Making use of the insulating properties of polyurethane foam (PUR) at the core and the highly flexible cross-linked polyethylene foam (XPE) as edge insulation, specifiers benefit from a universal, highly flexible, pre-insulated pipe system with very low thermal loss.

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Combine maximum flexibility with minimal effort

Adhering to strict regulations, ensuring a correct and safe installation, and providing long-term durability are key concerns among specifiers of Biogas & CPH heating networks. The unique design of AustroPUR helps specifiers address these challenges. Encompassing a robust, corrugated outer jacket made of HDPE, it protects the insulation and the corrosion-proof medium pipe made of PE-Xa. The corrugation of the outer jacket not only protects the insulation but also enhances the system's flexibility, making it an ideal choice for quick and cost-effective installation. Another key advantage of AustroPUR is the ability to provide extended length pipe bundles that minimise the number of necessary pipe connections and simplify the installation process. Moreover, these longer bundles can still be easily handled on the construction site without requiring special unwinding devices, further streamlining the installation.

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Benefit from a trusted partner

The bio-based energy sector is characterised by constant development. For specifiers of technical insulation that means staying on top of the latest design and construction requirements that are unique to this application. At Armacell, we believe that selecting the right insulation for your needs, starts with the right guidance and support during the design and installation phases. And we are committed to making sure you receive a system solution that aligns with the long-term sustainability of bio-based heating networks. As part of this ambition, our easily available piping system comes in cut-to-order pipe lengths, streamlining the installation process and minimising material wastage.