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Enabling governance

Corporate governance at Armacell covers human rights, environmental aspects, consumer-related issues, working conditions and relationships, engagement with local communities and environmental protection. The existing corporate governance principles stand for ethical behavior, compliance with laws and human rights, accountability, and stakeholder engagement. Armacell’s commitment in these areas is based on our Code of Conduct, Supplier Code of Conduct, Global Anti-Corruption, Anti-Money Laundering, Sanctions, Global Data Protection, and  Environment, Health, and Safety policies. We take our responsibility seriously in complying with the applicable laws and regulations and operating a zero-tolerance policy in every country we do business in. Furthermore, our memberships of relevant international associations and local partnerships are bringing our values to life. You can find our policies at the bottom of this page.

sustainability business

Sustainable business

Our support and engagement for a better and cleaner future date back to 2006. Since then, Armacell has been committed to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and has embedded its Ten Principles relating to human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption into its strategies and operations. The Armacell Code of Conduct, which is based on our corporate values of Customer, Commitment, Empowerment, Integrity and Sustainability, governs the framework by which our employees can establish a positive, customer-centric culture that is also compliant and respectful of the laws and regulations applicable in every country we operate in. To realize our principles and policies for responsible and ethical conduct, Armacell has set up a governance structure up to and including the highest levels of management. This structure allows us to drive a culture of sustainability and ensure strategic alignment and coordination.

IT Security

Protecting our business and reputation

We build our relationships with customers, business partners and external stakeholders on the principles of trust and honesty and have taken all the necessary steps to uphold these principles. For example, the Armacell Code of Conduct addresses the responsibilities of all our employees to the company, to each other, and to all our stakeholders. This includes the principles, standards and moral and ethical expectations Armacell adheres to when doing business with others. In line with its manufacturing peers, Armacell is exposed to risks arising from the digital disruption of its IT infrastructure. The security and continuity of Armacell’s IT systems and data are safeguarded by a set of infrastructure and security measures defined and carried out by a global governance body comprised of corporate and local IT teams and conducted in accordance with group policies and best-risk management practices.


Reporting wrongdoing and illegal practices

An online whistleblowing portal is available to employees and third parties so they can report any violations of the law or the Code of Conduct and any illegal business practices. The whistleblowing system is operated by Business Keeper, an external provider based in Berlin, Germany. Reports submitted through this secure communication platform are anonymous and handled exclusively and strictly confidentially by the Armacell Group’s Integrity Committee. 

Responsible procurement

Responsible procurement

As a global leader in high-performance insulation materials, we have longstanding commercial relationships along supply chains with suppliers, service providers, customers, distributors, contractors, installers and communities. Armacell prohibits all unlawful payments and practices. We reject corruption in all our business transactions, and we are fully committed to complying with the applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations in the countries we operate in. Bribes, kickbacks and money laundering are strictly prohibited. We expect our suppliers to adhere to these same prohibitions when conducting business. We have also implemented a comprehensive Sustainable Procurement Policy that ensures our sourcing practices support environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Based on our commitment to the UNGC and its Ten Principles, the Armacell Supplier Code of Conduct defines the standards that all suppliers and sub-contractors must meet with respect to good environmental practices, human rights and labor practices. At Armacell, we are very strict about maintaining our high standards and will only select new supply chain partners that share our commitment to sustainability in all its forms. By performing on-site audits and implementing regular supplier self-assessments, we ask our raw material suppliers whether they have implemented policies that address, among other things, human trafficking, forced labor and child labor issues and forbid discrimination.

Armacell Policies