Mechanical insulation for heating & plumbing

Guaranteeing energy efficiency, acoustic comfort and safety 

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Protecting buildings inside out

Insulating heating and plumbing piping and equipment is crucial for meeting today´s building requirements – including parameters such as energy efficiency, condensation prevention, noise control, water quality, and fire protection. With our highly specialized expertise in piping and equipment insulation and extensive knowledge of local regulatory requirements and building codes, we help planners and building operators design highly energy-efficient piping and equipment insulation systems that meet the highest performance and safety standards.

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Armacell's ArmaLight products are ideal for heating and plumbing applications

Improve energy performance

Minimizing energy losses in heating and plumbing systems is paramount to satisfying Code requirements. Our insulation solutions, ArmaFlex and ArmaLight, minimize thermal conductivity and enhance energy efficiency. As closed-cell insulation materials, they outperform open-cell and fibrous materials on various properties, including condensation control, ease of installation, and long-term reliability. By selecting the right materials, professionals ensure higher energy efficiency of the system for the long term.

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Create acoustic comfort

Noise pollution in buildings can be a significant concern, especially when caused by drainage, wastewater pipes or building equipment. The best way of preventing noise breakout is to apply fully integrated acoustic insulation systems for piping networks, installed machinery, and other equipment on-site. Our specialized acoustic system solutions offer extremely high performance at low thicknesses. By introducing visco-elastic resilient layers between installation and structural connection points, they prevent acoustic bridges and significantly reduce breakout noise.

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Prevent pipe freezing

In cold climates or during winter months, low temperatures can cause water pipes to freeze, leading to pipe bursts, water damage, and system downtime. Elastomeric foam is particularly fit to protect pipes from freezing in these frigid climates. By selecting the right insulation thickness and high-quality insulation materials, professionals can prevent freezing, ensure uninterrupted water flow, and mitigate costly repairs.

Your holistic partner and advisor

Your holistic partner and advisor

We understand that every plant room layout is unique. As an experienced partner in mechanical insulation, we are committed to finding the right insulation solution for your project – from insulation materials to adhesives and accessories as well as claddings and pre-covered products. By sharing our system expertise and technical know-how, we provide you with a complete overview of your insulation system to achieve your desired thermal performance and energy-saving target.

Rely on high quality and durability

Rely on high quality and durability

The insulation you choose must be durable to withstand wear and tear and achieve maximized lifetime performance. As a global leader in insulation materials, we deliver the highest quality and longevity, conducting more than 30,000 quality tests each year and constantly optimizing our materials to offer best-in-class solutions for your projects.

Lower your total cost of ownership

Lower your total cost of ownership

Insulation is essential to the operational reliability of mechanical equipment. To avoid high maintenance, repair, and consequential costs, the technical performance and reliability of the installation must always be the deciding factor when selecting equipment insulation. Our comprehensive range of high-performing system solutions and products ensures long-term reliable results. Armacell materials allow for spot repairs, ensuring that if properly installed sections are damaged, they can be restored to their original efficiency. This extends the life of the insulation and reduces the need for costly full-scale replacements, significantly lowering maintenance and repair expenses over the lifetime of the insulation.

Get installation support

Get installation support

We believe that insulation material is only as valuable as the quality of its installation. That’s why we are continuously building a growing network of certified installers, ready to use our high-quality materials effectively and professionally. Our dedicated Armacell trainers offer structured on-site and off-site training courses and certifications, complemented by self-service tools, including application manuals and videos to support installers and contractors during specification, installation and maintenance.

Commercial Building Solutions

Armacell makes it easy to specify the right insulation for mechanical systems with Solutions Portfolio system packages tailored to project type, code compliance, and budget.

Armacell has insulation solutions for commercial office buildings Armacell has insulation solutions for commercial office buildings

Discover our Installation Training

Our commitment to providing high-performing insulation technology goes beyond high-quality materials. It involves sharing our expertise on the right installation of our insulation systems. In our training programs, we equip you with the necessary expertise to install our solutions reliably, safely, and quickly.