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Innovative products – meeting specific market needs

Innovative products differentiate Armacell from the competition. As clear proof of Armacell’s inventiveness, our 300+ active patents in 50 patent families are securing the future of our business. Our emphasis on intellectual rights’ protection and multiple product certifications is safeguarding the present.

300+ active patents in 50 patent families


ArmaGel HTF

Armacell’s more recent innovative achievements include ArmaGel® HTF, a high-temperature, aerogel insulation material with its unique combination of thermal insulation and passive fire protection. Moreover, it is the first material to meet the requirements of both ASTM C1728 and UL1709.


ArmaSound RD240

Highly flexible, hydrophobic, open-cell acoustic insulation material with complex pore geometry and excellent sound absorption performance.



Our patented flame-retardant ArmaPrene® technology reduces smoke formation to improve visibility and respiration for building occupants and first responders.


ArmaPET Eco50

ArmaPET® Eco50 insulation solutions manufactured from 100 percent recycled material have a reliable lifetime insulation performance and support energy-efficient sustainable buildings. Launched in 2022, it was the first polymeric insulation based on 100 percent recycled PET on the market and enjoys independent third-party verification and confirmation of its meeting high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.