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Innovation is our accelerator in responding to global megatrends. Innovation is our differentiator. Innovation gives birth to new technologies that deliver reliable premium products. Innovation allows our customers to benefit from industry-leading technologies.

At Armacell, innovation is much more than R&D and an innovation team. We cultivate a corporate climate in which every single employee is encouraged to contribute creative, innovative ideas. We then turn these ideas into solutions that create the added value our customers need.

Justyna Dolega

We are proud of our work and contribution to more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. Together, we make a difference around the world through innovation.

Justyna Dolega, Armacell’s Director of Global Innovation


Our customers are our main innovation driver. For us, customer centricity means listening to our customers’ feedback to address their requirements and translate them into our innovation targets. We are revolutionizing our approach to innovation by engaging our employees to deliver creative, market-leading ideas and turning these ideas into solutions. Basically, everybody at Armacell is involved in innovation.

The lightweighting trend in the transport industry is a good example. Makers of cars, trains, and planes need to save weight to reduce fuel consumption. So we developed PET-based foam products that enable lightweight composite solutions. In automotive, recycled content and recyclability have become more and more important. So together with our academia partners and OEM customers, we developed complete solutions for headliners, trunk floors, walls, and side trims – adhesive-free and fully recyclable under the PET recycling scheme.

In a very different field, we responded to the need for firestopping solutions that protect assets and save lives by developing the first-ever UL-classified aerogel-based insulation – two products, ArmaFlex® Ultra, and ArmaGel® HTF Ultima, that improve visibility and respiration, thus giving occupants more time to escape from a burning building. 



Four product innovation centers spread across the world ensure a steady supply of pioneering innovations to meet customer and market requirements. We operate centers of excellence for flexible elastomeric foams in Münster, Germany, and Mebane, North Carolina, and for polyethylene foam products in Środa Śląska, Poland. The expertise in PET technology is centered in Thimister, Belgium, and for aerogel insulation blankets in Cheonan, South Korea. With its regionally diversified production footprint, Armacell has long been a pioneer in exploring new geographies with a particular focus on expanding into fast-growing markets.