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Our innovative achievements in reducing energy losses, conserving key resources, improving acoustic comfort and vibration control, and reducing the risk from fire and smoke are our response to these six global megatrends:

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

With the demand for energy expected to rise by a third by 2035, effective insulation is key to reducing energy consumption and mitigating climate change. Technical equipment is the second-most serious source of energy losses worldwide and effective insulation, e.g. with ArmaFlex® products, is the number one energy-saving solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.



Cities worldwide are the leading source of CO2 emissions. Tougher energy efficiency regulations and green building codes are boosting the demand for high-performance insulation solutions in buildings. ArmaPET Eco50 is the first polymeric insulation material based on recycled PET to feature an outstanding environmental profile and comply with stringent building construction requirements. 



The lightweighting trend is driven by the need to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in the transport sector. ArmaComp® Ensolite and ArmaComp Monarch are helping the automotive industry in its efforts to lower emissions by as much as 40 percent by 2050.

Acoustic comfort

Acoustic comfort & vibration control

The more urbanized societies become, the more people suffer from excessive noise and vibration. Our ArmaComfort® range combines superior sound attenuation with vibration control and decoupling properties.


Renewable energies

Renewable energies are instrumental in the global transition to a low-carbon economy and will account for up to 95 percent of the increase in global power capacity by 2026. Our structural ArmaPET® is used in turbine generators in the wind industry.



Environmental protection and climate change mitigation are gaining ground in public awareness worldwide. This is opening up opportunities for Armacell to increase its market shares in sustainability-oriented applications.